Taras Shevchenko rose out of serfdom, to become a beacon for Ukrainian consciousness.

As a child, I was forced to learn his poems. As a child, I never understood the significance of his works. Ah the joys of being young.

The meaning of his words are all too evident these days.

Тарас Шевченко, 1839, С.-Петербурґ
Думи мої, думи мої,
Лихо мені з вами!
Нащо стали на папері
Сумними рядами?..
Чом вас вітер не розвіяв
В степу, як пилину?
Чом вас лихо не приспало,
Як свою дитину?..

Думи мої, думи мої,
Квіти мої, діти!
Виростав вас, доглядав вас,—
Де ж мені вас діти?
В Україну ідіть, діти!
В нашу Україну,
Попідтинню, сиротами,
А я — тут загину.

Там найдете щире серце
І слово ласкаве,
Там найдете щиру правду,
А ще, може, й славу…

Привітай же, моя ненько,
Моя Україно,
Моїх діток нерозумних,
Як свою дитину.

Translated, by me, into English……

My thoughts, filled with longing,
Weighing heavily upon me!
Why are you on this paper
All in sad rows……
Why didn’t the wind blow you away?
Into the steppe, like dust?
Why didn’t you gently fall asleep,
Like a little child?

My thoughts, they are
my flowers, my children!
Growing, under my care.
Where are you now my children?
You must go to Ukraiina!
To our Ukraiina.
Whilst in the shadows, all alone,
I will,,, die here.

There you will find genuine hearts
And a kind word,
There you will find truth,
And, maybe, salvation.

Welcome them, my dearest,
My Ukraiina,
Those thoughts that go home.
Unlike me, your wandering child.

The End / Кінець

Sad to think that over six million Ukrainians have left their home, and will be wondering when they can return. Many having lost their homes, towns and even family.
Some moved to safer areas of Ukraiina.
A few moved for the second time, the first being after Russia invaded in 2014.
Many have moved to friendly countries in the west.
And some have gone east, into Russia, whether they wanted to, or not.

Even 180yrs after Shevchenko, his sad poem still holds true.

June says:

This is a Beautiful Poem!
Thanks for sharing this with everyone.