What’s wrong with this Picture?

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Friday the 13th.
Ride to Port Dover.
But where’s the bike?

Some b**ger stole it!!!

Actually, it was two young b**gers!
Just after 5am this morning.
Here they are approaching the motorcycle, taking the cover off, eventually getting the gears into neutral, and pushing the bike away……..

So if you happen to be in Port Dover, or anywhere else, and see a bike looking like this……..

…..it could be mine.
colour: Ostra Grey ( brown-ish shade of grey )
After market items are
– Givi, handlebar muffs, and adjustable windscreen
– Jesse Luggage pannier on the right-hand side, with a Rotopax clamp underneath

biker says:

Through the power of social media, ubiquitous cell-phones and walking-around, the bike is back!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

biker says:

Number plate LUBKO was not on the bike, nor returned todate.
Chain lube stolen.
ACF50 stolen.
Spare headlamp bulb stolen.

My guess?
Somebody has a non-legal motorcycle, and will be attaching the stolen plate.

Ergo. If you see a motorcycle with the LUBKO number plate, call the police.


ps: Nice to know that Ontario is setup to help in this situation. I picked up a free replacement plate on Friday, with a random collection of numbers and letters. Along with the new plate, came new ownership paperwork, also free.