There is Life in Barrie

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Sometimes, life just comes together.

Heading to my place for the night, I realise that I will arrive 16mins before check-in time. No problemo. Switched the route to avoid highways.
Now my arrival is 27mins before check-in! I kid you not!
What would you do?
Yup. Me too.
Carried on.
Arrived 25mins before check-in.

But that’s OK. I missed the B&B.

Time to spare.
Pulled over at a random safe spot.
Noticed a “corner store”.
Walked over.
Not your typical ‘711’
They provide, ready to serve meals, plus salads, plus dessert, plus, plus, plus. 🙂

So after unloading the bike, parking it properly and taking care of the chain and shocks, I went back. Found myself a nice 3-course meal. Hurried home. Setup the patio set in the back yard.

First course involved a quinoa salad and a chat.
You meet the most interesting people when travelling. A young Canadian pilot, originally from Kyrgyzstan.

Then the main course……


The plate you see above, was a wonderfully presented pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce. It tasted as good as it looked BEFORE i started eating. Seriously good food.

And by sheer coincidence, I happened to be carrying a bottle of wine, picked up on the weekend from Hamilton’s Farmer’s Market……

The Ridge Road was very drinkable 🙂 🙂 🙂