Sudbury is noted for it’s mines. Especially nickel. Here is the biggest coin ………… in the world. Canadian five cent piece, known as a ‘nickel’.

Afterwards, a visit of the major stores in Sudbury.
What did I notice?
Two things.
Where is everybody? Barely anyone on the roads.
Second was how tricky parking is. The parking lots were rarely level, and they slope in the wrong direction, leaving the motorcycle leaning over way to far.

Back in time to head to the Dog House for the Liverpool vs Real Madrid final. Quite the fun time. Especially if you supported Real Madrid. Felix Los Blancos.

Home to pickup the ticket for tonight’s play on ‘Mining Rocks’. Lots of fun. And a bit of learning as to the three types of rocks. Afterwards we all picked up a tree.

Quite a nice day.


ps: and only a day’s ride up from Barrie