New Liskeard was surprisingly urban as I rode off to Cobalt, and their museum.
A few kilometres of roadworks interposed. Roadworks is possibly a perjoritive term. The old road had been removed, leaving a dirt surface, for several kilometres. But working? Did not see anyone!
Cobalt came into view, and the museum was easy to find. Assuming you survived the huge gravel-strewn pothole on the tight left-hander, that took most of the road. Guess I must be up north, where the frosts are harder than down south.
Cobalt museum was a bit like the Tardis. Bigger on the inside. Nice young lad on the counter. Off in the fall to Ottawa, studying accountancy. Comments invited 😉

Rode off to find lunch. Spot easy to find as there is a big fish outside……

However, the place is undergoing renovations, or was. Nothing happening for quite some time. Still. Answered my question as to why a group of bikers were taking refreshments at a trading post, a few miles earlier. Ah. Wisdom.

Nothing left to do but bash on to North Bay.

First call was the Crown&Beaver where I had this really nice brunch…..

Crispy chicken n chips, with an excellent coleslaw.
Was planning on coming back Sunday for the Wales vs Ukraiina, World Cup qualifier. Whoever wins the match, heads to Qatar in November. And a fairly “easy” group, by comparison. However, North Bay must be a church-going place, as the pub is closed Sundays.

Satisfied in body, but crestfallen in heart, rode off to my nearby motel.
Then caught up on my blog.

The rest of the time was spent planning the next leg of my trip, and a bit of eating.
I can recommend Moose’s Cookhouse. Kind barmaid looked for the game, but not on any of their sports channels. Short version: Ukraine played well, and Yarmolenko, Ukraiina’s captain, scored the only goal, with a Vardy-esque header. Pity it was into his own net. So Wales goes to Doha.
Churchill’s had outstanding prime rib, though the service left a lot to be desired.
And Farina, for comfort food, spaghetti n meatballs 🙂 Excellent chat with a biker couple from Digby, and another couple, where the husband hailed from Leicester!

When I departed, North Bay was VERY sad to see me go. Judging by the amount of rain.

My first stop was Echoes Restaurant for breakfast. Stood on the doormat for a long time, as the rain ran off my clothing. Excellent eggs&peameal bacon. Enough for a sarnie to go 🙂

And go I did.
All the way to Bracebridge.

Come for the waterfall.
Stay for the tea, at Chancery Lane Co. Had a real tea. And an OK almond croissant.
Wandered around the shops and restaurants till it was time for the Norwood Cinema to show Top Gun: Maverick. An excellent B-movie, with fast aircraft, and things blowing up.

Blowing things up is AOK on the movie screen. Pity it is still happening in Ukraiina 🙁

The short walk home and catch up on this blog.


NB: There has been a bit of tweaking on the bike, regarding the rear brake light. Which seems OK now. Helped by a deep wash and rinse with WD40. Then a disassembly and cleaning of the rear-brake lever and switches.

PaulP says:

Good to meet you at Science North, 2 (?) weeks ago now. After the conference, it was a refreshing change to chat about bikes.
Didn’t realize you were from the Ukraine, as my family was originally from Lviv area several generations ago, but about 1900 emigrated from Poland (Austria at the time).
Safe riding to you.
I’m hoping to ride to Tennessee in a week or so, East Coast in July.

biker says:

Well met indeed !
Mother was from the Lviv area. We could be related 🙂
Enjoy the rides!

ps: large family – “…about 1900 emigrated….” 😉

biker says:

pps: was May 26th