Duck Rissotto was Brill!

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Two hours of riding in 11degC weather, with really blustery winds, made me begin to regret wearing only 3 layers. Limerick (a tiny, tiny, tiny place) was particularily windy, whenever I rode by open fields.
Was heading to Ottawa’s Motorrad, where I picked up some chain lube, had a bad coffee, and good chat.
As food suggestions were restricted to the usual chains, I looked up a place that I ran across yesterday. It was on the way. I was in need of sustenance. Plugged the address into my gps and ran.
Came into a pedestrianised street with Bistro Coqlicorne. Found parking for motorcycles only 😉 Went indoors.
Looked likely, so I sat down. Les jeunes took care of me.
The rissotto (above) was followed by a hot chocolate.
I felt like a new man!

Merci, La Belle Provence 🙂