My Letter to Justin Trudeau – Russia’s Turbine

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Montreal has a turbine from Russia’s gas pipelines for refurbishment. Trudeau has agreed to return this to Russia, despite the sanctions that are in effect.
Disappointing to say the least.

Here is my letter……
“Well Prime Minister,

Hardly warranting the term “Right Honorable”. Yielding like a wet lettuce to Russia’s request.

Prepared the ground yesterday –
With the CBC using “offending Ukraine” to describe the effect of returning this turbine.
That sounds so much better than “allowing Russia to earn billions of dollars in revenue that they can use to continue their barbaric invasion of Ukraine”.

Sanctions are sanctions. You should live up to your word, to help Ukraine. Otherwise the blood of all fallen and injured Ukrainians is on your hands, from this day forth.


To help you contact Trudeau and others, I am listing their details below
These two are the decision makers
– Prime Minister,
– Minister of Foreign Affairs,
These are affected
– Minister of Finance, (& Deputy PM),
– Minister of Defense,
– Minister of Natural Resources,
And you should “cc” your MP, who can be found via this link

Richard says:

Thanks, will do.

biker says:

Thank you / Merci / Dya-ku-yu / Dzin-ku-ye / Danke / Grazzie

And that goes for everyone who has either bcc’d me on their email, or stated that they will write 🙂