The problem with the bike has been fixed. Was a failed ignition coil. And the scheduled service completed.
All I have to do, is get myself from Pembroke to Budds. An all day affair on a coach to North Bay. A second coach to Toronto. Then the GO Train to Bronte.
Glad I had the big breakfast in Pembroke. Was past midnight by the time I checked into the hotel, opposite Budds.
Quite the adventure.

NB:There used to be a northern-Ontario train service, but that’s all gone. Shades of Beeching! Beeching was the civil servant who’s report led to the closure of thousands of stations in the UK.
Many have since re-opened. In the case of the village I grew up in, the old station was long-gone and they had to build a new station in a different location. Luckily the village was on a main line, so the rails were still in place. Some places had to re-lay track. Whilst many others lost the chance of any form of rail transport as the land passed into bicycle lanes, or were redeveloped.
Why are stations re-opening? The UK population has grown from 53.5 million to 67.7 million, since Beeching. A 27% increase. And whereas cars were rare items before Beeching, now every household has at least one car. The UK roads cannot cope with the increased traffic.