Bikers are Nice People

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Normal service has been resumed. Thanks to John, Anthony and the rest of the crew at Budd’s.

Still, I am lurking close to Budd’s.

Which is why I popped into Quehl’s today. Shout-out to Barry. Quehl’s is in Tavistock 🙂
Had very nice sausages n sauerkraut. Even nicer chat with a biker couple at the next table. They left before me, and PICKED UP MY TAB! Bikers are such nice people. I don’t even know their name!

Which reminds me to give a shout-out to Wayne n Bonnie from Petawawa, who were so kind as to help me get the bike into the van. Was a 30min drive for them each way.
Wayne and I were on each side of the bike. Bonnie pushing from the rear. Made the whole thing possible 🙂 Trust me. I dropped the bike taking it OUT of the van, so pushing 500lbs up the ramps alone, would not have gone well.
Wayne also had a Sargent seat that he offered at a very good price. Very comfy seat. Seriously comfy. But, that comfort meant I could not reach the ground with both feet 🙁
Wayne also diagnosed the problem correctly. And showed me a neat “trick” with the ignition system.
How did I meet Wayne? The MOA provides a list of names of people who are willing to offer help to other MOA membership. Anything from coffee, to tools and a bed for the night. So I called Wayne on spec, explained the situation and he offered to come and help.

Bikers are nice people 🙂