Trudeau, five years ago

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Was flagged as someone who ignored small business, and listened to billionaires and large companies, like Siemens –

Siemens announced an investment in Quebec in 2017 –

Am guessing that Trudeau listened to Siemens and allowed the gas turbines to breach the sanctions that Canada applied to Russia.

IMHO, Trudeau should have listened to is Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General, speaking on 2022Jul19 at the European Parliament about the importance of providing substantial, long-term support to Ukraine. Stoltenberg stated, “the price we pay as the EU, as NATO, is the price we can measure in currency, in money. The price they (Ukrainians) pay is measured in lives lost every day. So, we should stop complaining and step up and provide support. Full stop.”
The full 2min 42sec speech is here

biker says:

And how did returning the turbine to Russia work out?
Germany getting all the gas it needs?
Russia is claiming turbine problems, so very little gas is getting to Europe.

Is it only me who remembers the Soviet mentality?
Putin was raised in a country that lied to everyone through the media and diplomatic channels, casually killed millions of it’s own citizenry, and pursued it’s own agenda regardless of the results.
Why would anyone expect Putin and his executive team, to do anything but follow the Soviet mentality???
Especially with a bunch of wet lettuce leadership in the western countries.
Not as if our leadership has principles and follows through on it’s promises. Sanctions? What sanctions?