The GTA for Lunches and Errands

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Had to pop into Toronto for some errands. Well. Had to have some lunches, so scheduled the errands around those 😉

Quite a few errands take place in Kensington Market. Still my go-to area for everything from leather gloves to green tea.
NB: Kensington Market used to have the Burger Bar, where not only was there a real burger, but real beer too! Ah well. Nothing lasts forever.

Not much more to add.

Except that I am glad to ride a motorcycle. Toronto does not like, approve, nor suffer cars gladly. Much easier on two wheels.
Aside from the constant vigilance.
On two wheels the rider always needs constant vigilance.
But more so in T.O. and the G.T.A.
What happened to car indicators? Are they optional extras???
No-one using mirrors?
And never expect anyone to look over their shoulder.

Still, “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.”