A grey morning turned into a perfect blue sky, fluffy white clouds and 22degC as i pulled into Grand Bend for lunch. I ate perch n chips, though one of the thicker pieces of fish could have done with more time in the oven. Took the back roads to the traffic lights as the main road was jammed, then rode north, out of Grand Bend.
With a detour back to the Little Inn at Bayfield, remembering days of long, long, ago. Stayed here as a young DINK.
NB: all streets in the centre of Bayfield have been torn away. But still lots of visitors.

Half an hour later, i pulled into Goderich main “square” (big roundabout with city hall in the middle) for a coffee n brownie at Cait’s Cafe.
Then a tour of the town, the huge beach area, and the docks. ‎Lake Huron looks very blue.
Petrol for the bike, then rode to the motel, where i booked in, unpacked, and went looking for cider.

East Street Cider Company has been operational since 2016. They have a bottle shop, and are working on a retail area. Nice chat with Dave (one of the partners) where i learned lots, and purchased a cider.

Then I carried on into town.
Found some crisps, and cleaning cloths.
The cloths have been disappearing at an alarming rate this past month. No idea where or how. ‎A cloth is always kept handy for cleaning the shock absorbers, and more. Have never lost any before. Discarded yes. Lost, no.
When you are in Norway and pay 4euros per cloth, you tend to hang onto them. NB: they were very good cloths, that lasted a very long time. But they were four euros each.

Chores done, I settled into my fave past-time, ie:people watching. And listening to the setup for the Celtic Festival. This week Goderich is Celtic.

Normally Goderich is all about the salt, dug out from under Lake Huron. You can see a pillar of salt here……

Then walked over to the Historic Gaol for their evening session. It was cute.
My advice: do not take the cows from the lady prisoner. She will knock you flat. haha

Next stop, Goderich sunset. Nice. ……

Back to the motel, and a nice chat with the owners. Dan is a biker, who worked the salt mine, and is planning to retire up north.

Drank the cider (two thumbs up).

Gonna see Elvis on Wednesday 😉