Got as far as Minden……

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Headed out in an easterly direction-ish.

First stop Honey Harbour, where I found a meat pie and a cup of tea. Has been a while since my last visit here. And even longer since my first visit. Oh to be young again 😉
Scored a chat with a Toronto politician, who was dropping off her grandchildren.
And whilst I was here, thought I might as well swing by Roy and Olenka’s cottage. Last visit was a long time ago. Cottage gone. Replaced by a very nice bigger place, plus a two-car garage. Only Olympia around, with her crew. Roy and Olenka in Italy. Brief chat then headed out.
Nerve-racking. One of the lads (at least) rode a motorcycle, so it would have been totally embarassing to drop my bike on the dirt track as I rode out. Tires are really meant for the road. And no, nothing happened. Bike behaved 🙂

Rode on to Bracebridge to find a spot for the night. No room in Bracebridge, so booked a hotel not far away. This is whilst at the Burger Shop, where I had a nice banana milk shake, and an excellent burger.

Location plugged into the GPS.
Off I rode.

Pity it was the wrong location. Bobcaygeon has a place with the same name.
When I called, found out that this sort of confusion is common.
Found out that I needed to ride back to Minden.
So filled up, turned the bike around and rode back the nearly 50km.

This time I arrived at the correct location. Easy to tell. The music was playing.
Checked in.
Parked the bike.
Missed last orders, even for residents. Had a Saudi cocktail.
Given recommendation for breakfast tomorrow.

I also need to have the bike looked at. The “service-due” indicator has appeared, which is some 4,000km early. Might be an issue, or a simple reset. But the only way to tell, is to pop back in to the dealer. So I booked into a motel close to the dealer, for a couple of nights.


In the morning I managed to lock myself out of my room, AND the hotel. Now that is a first. So went off to the recommended breakfast place. Was BUSY. But I had lots of time. Breakfast was worth the wait.
By the time I returned, staff were in, opening the bar up.
They let me into my room, and I packed.
Then headed south.

Rode into Budds and the lads checked. Was just a reset on the service indicator. Nice to be taken care of.

Re-thought my route. Decided to go west.
And still had time to squeeze in a nice lunch at Botham’s.
NB: Right next door is the Hole-in-the-Wall bar, which used to be my first port of call when I walked downtown to buy panto tickets at the Elgin Theatre. Always a good time. And owned by the same people that own Botham’s.