Southampton & Port Elgin

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Southampton, Ontario, is just up the road from Kincardine.
Sun was shining.
Skies were blue.
I set off via the Monday market, held in Kincardine’s Victoria Park.
NB:On Saturday evening, the park was the start and end point for the Scottish Pipe band. At 8pm they march along Queen Street, right past Grey Matter Beer Company, where you can also catch the sunset. The Pipes return to Victoria Park where they give a concert, using the bandstand 🙂

I took a slow ride around the park, and found a primo parking spot behind a baker’s van 😉
The stroll past all the vendor booths was fun:
eg:cute lady bringing old lamps back to life with new wiring and newly painted shades;
eg:chap selling a sign “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will sit in a boat all day, drinking beer” ;
eg:Red Cat Bakery trailer for a fruit crumble breakfast.

Fortified, I rode north to Southampton.

Where I found myself in front of the Bruce Country museum. So I went in. All sorts of interesting things, including hands-on activities. You have to be hands-on, otherwise you will miss the HUGE block of ice. That is a first. Never seen anything quite like this. Not an ice-sculpture. And took me onto a conversation about Pykrete.

A very short distance away was an EXCELLENT lunch at Armen’s Cafe, where they only take cash, and the building is bright red.

A chat over lunch led me to ride south to Port Elgin via the lake-side roads. Some of the views were MAGNIFICENT!
There is a bicycle trail. I’d recommend that, with a picnic basket.

Came home.
Running some errands to ensure I am ready for travel tomorrow.
A return to Goderich.

ps: The EPL season has started. Leicester City have yet to find their mojo, after two games