Goderich – revisited

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Come to Goderich for the sunsets, arts and ambiance, but stay for the cider 😉

The picture is the shipping area of EastStreetCider, with the canning equipment preparing to drive away. This is the door you go to for buying cider to take home. Until, the bar is finished, and opened.

As for my stay, am right downtown this trip. Easy stroll to all the events. Just across the street, literally. And a variety of shops selling everything from SexWax, to ancient rifles.

ps: the hotel had Boneshaker in cans. Not anymore 😉

pps: so did you click on SexWax ???

biker says:

ppps: Went to the movies tonight, to see Bullet Train. Lots of characters, all trying to kill each other, and succeeding in many cases, leaving lots of blood. Some cute Japanese cartoon characters make an appearance. Some have sad endings. I found myself laughing at a few “inappropriate” places.
So, if you enjoy an action-mystery, enjoy a good fight (the things one can do with a briefcase…….), in a setting that is different, go see the movie! I really enjoyed it. An excellent B-movie 🙂 TWO THUMBS UP!
Warning: WestHam supporters may find this movie rather sad.

Richard says:

Used sex wax long time ago when I was in California. No need to say why in California.

biker says: