London, Dentist then Niagara Falls

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When the students are away, the bikers will play 🙂
Student accommodations are one of my favourite places to stay. They have all the features I need, and at a reasonable price. Was a nice ride into London, but tricky finding the building. Especially when the postal code given in the booking is to a totally different building from the one you stay at. Sneaky.
At the campus, got to see some new riders being put through their paces. Reminded me of when I was young……..seems so long ago, and yet it wasn’t really.

London is home to the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, which is well worth a visit.
NB: I hasten to add that this next comment is based on what I have been told, and NOT experienced. The gear in the jail should have been tidier.

One of the nice parts of London is Covent Garden market. Indoor market with some nice meal and refreshment options.

Sad part of this trip, my bike’s left-hand handlebar heater has died. Will need another visit to Budds, but is a tricky job, and not “necessary”. May have to wait until storage time.


London was a stepping-stone to my dentist in Maple.
My next stepping-stone was in Caledon Village, in the nice Cheltenham Suites. Right above the general store, that seemed to have everything, including nice sandwiches.
Pavlo rode up on his motorcycle. Lives in Poltava. Long chat.

Enroute, via psychic navigation, I found Bakers Corner which had real eclairs 🙂 🙂 🙂 Pity about the rain. But I suppose that makes it even more British 🙂

And found an orchard with really fresh apples n pears. Not sure how long they will be there. Lady clocking on in years. Son just passed away. Place looks that way too. Fruit was excellent.


Next day up and easily into Maple and my dentist.

From there into Toronto. My bank had moved, so time to find out where we are now. Turned out to have excellent motorcycle parking, nearby 😉

Picked up supper on the way home.

Would have extended my stay, but the place is booked most weekends.


Next day as I was packing, a car pulled up, and asked where the Forks of the Credit are located. I could not remember! So? Headed out there. After all, there is good coffee at Higher Ground Coffee, as well as decent munchies. Luckily Richard was able to supply the postal code 🙂 And it was a surprisingly short ride.
As usual, there were bikers there, so lots of chat.
Why bikers? One of the few places in Ontario where the road has twisties. And in a scenic setting.

Leaving the Forks of the Credit, I made sure to swing by Bakers Corner.
Poster inside proclaimed a VW Bug meeting was to be held, so passed along the info to Richard, to find Porsche is having an event in Niagara Falls, that he will be attending. Well that is as good an excuse as I ever could think off. So added that to my itinerary. Had a couple of days in Hamilton, but no plans after that.


After a couple of days catching up on things, I took a scenic route to Niagara Falls. Why scenic? I have ridden to Niagara Falls countless times, but on this trip found that I was travelling on some new roads 🙂

But all roads lead to Michinoku. Best sushi in Ontario 🙂 🙂 🙂

Am booked into Niagara Falls close to my favourite bakery and bar 🙂 And as I found that evening, not far from tasty dosa’s 🙂
Queen Charlotte’s sadly, is no longer a tea-room 🙁

I could bore you with Niagara Falls, but nothing happened that hasn’t been written about before.