Beer Festival – Friday, September 9th

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Nice to see that outside of Toronto, we can sample a variety of real beers 🙂

For one weekend only, Wellington Brewery is hosting a Cask Festival.

I shall be there for the Friday night.
Real beer.
And live music.
Takes me back to those happy days at Fort York.

Did I mention, there will be real beer?
Served in 4oz glasses.
So you can try more than one.

Come out and try a proper beer.
One that has not been fizzed up with extra carbon dioxide.
Beer that has not been tampered with. So the goodness of beer is still retained.

I have been drinking at many micro-breweries across Ontario these past months, but none have any real beers. The reasons are simple:
(1) Real beers need gentle handling
(2) Real beers are best stored between 8-12degC
(3) Real beers only last 2 to 3 days once a keg is opened.

So! Come one, come all.
This is a great chance to try some real beers, and see which one you like most.

WARNING. Once you try a real beer, you will be able to drink your regular beer again. However, there will be always be that memory, of your perfect beer, that you cannot drink until the next BeerFest.

Cheers 😉