Canada has produced a commermoration page. Hard to imagine that there has been just one Queen of Canada since Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent (1948-1957). Wikipedia lists all twelve Canadian Prime Ministers that Queen Elizabeth II worked with.

The tributes have been flowing all day. The consistent message is the service provided since 1952. In the 15 countries that Queen Elizabeth was Head of State, the other 39 countries that comprise the rest of the Commonwealth, and in meetings with many, many, other Heads of State.

As one who took an oath of loyalty, twice, it was easier to give to one who understood duty, and served so honorably for so long. From World War II (as a military driver and mechanic), until two days ago, when she met with the new British Prime Minister.

May she rest in peace.

Long live the King!


ps: You can view the Canadian book of condolences, for all Canadians to sign.

Richard says:

While living in England, I first saw The Queen on her silver jubilee, 1977 I think, in Hull, just down from Bridlington where I stayed for a while.
The next time I saw her, was while acting as Cpt. Mark Phillips’ photographer, during the Badminton horse trials. I was lucky enough to cover the finals in the arena, as only one of six photographers, and saw The Queen just a few feet away. She definitely has a very calming presence about her.
Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth.
And long live the King.

biker says:


biker says:

ps: added the links for Hull and Brid