That Was, the Night that Was

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Stephen met me at the bus stop. Where we caught up. Lots of time, as the bus was late. But no matter. There was lots of beer. Some 30 casks.

Here is a pic of just a few……

I tried lots 🙂

We caught the first bus back. Where Jeanette picked up Stephen, and I walked back to my BnB. Next time I am offered a ride, I will take it. The hill seemed REALLY steep. Brecons steep.
Once indoors i partook of my Chelsea buns made with LARD! Proper pastry.
An apple.
Some water.
Showered n to bed.

This morning’s breakfast was as welcome, as it was delicious 🙂

Said my goodbyes, and rode to Elora. For a “second breakfast”, like a good hobbit 😉

Then two other bikers showed up. But that’s another story.