Getting to Gravenhurst

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Took a run through T.O. as had errands, and to catch up with friends.
Summary of the trip:
– Sorry Berlin, next time I will remember cookies
– a lot of rennovations going, as well as new builds
– the Queen’s funeral really was done with perfect precision
– a very short nap and a cup of tea, is totally refreshing.

Headed to the north end of Richmond Hill.

I could see the black clouds and rain in North York, so dressed. Back on the road I found the rain had gone! Blue skies only. Ran on until the heat became too much, and removed the rain gear.
Murphy’s Law dictates that if I had not dressed in rain gear, I would have been rained on!

Found my motel. Tucked away.
Booked in, to find I have the smallest room ever. But, it is perfect. Organized. Clean. With all the right mod-cons.

Next evening I swung by to see friends.
Should have been on the bus, but…….I was stood at the wrong stop. Still, the driver did wave to me. Least ways, that’s how I interpreted his guestures. But having played-soldiers with a bus driver, I now have my doubts.
Took the bike. Scary riding into suburbia in the evening. IT IS SOOOOOOOO QUIET. Everybody in bed by 8pm?????
We sat on the patio and caught up.
Headed back.
Short ride in the dark. No drama.

Next day as I was ready to ride out, a gentleman came up for a chat. Turns out he has a BMW 650 with 200,000km on it! To put that in context, I only have 177,000km. He has been around the world. Owns a stable of bikes, mainly Jawa. His father was a rider too. Carrying on the family business of supplying parts to motorcycle manufacturers, including BMW for their 310. You meet such interesting people when riding!

Headed out to Little Britain. I’d been here before, to Ye Olde Little British Sweet Shoppe.
Tunnocks Tea-cakes, oatcakes, liquorice, n sweets 🙂
Chat with a fellow rider, who was off to kill chickens. Might be the first step to becoming a referee?
I also tried the bakery around the corner, for a decent sausage roll.

The promised thunderstorms did not materialise. A few drops of rain. Then a little further north, sunshine and blue skies.
Clear skies all the way to Gravenhurst

Booked in.
Then time to go for a pint.
What a shock.
Gravenhurst closes at 7pm.
And it was raining. Hard at times.

Luckily, Sawdust City Brewing was open. Did not look open. But doors were open.
A couple of short-pints, ie:US measure where pint=16oz, instead of imperial measure where pint=20oz.
Nice chat.

Home, picking up a decent wonton soup from Rickshaw.

And there we go.
All caught up.

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