Things To Do in Gravenhurst

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Visit the home where Bethune was born. A famous Canadian, though maybe not to Canadians. I have only met one or two who knew about him. A man made famous upon his death by Chairman Mao.
Bethune served in Spain, the British Navy and China. So a signpost in the gardens of his father’s church home, seems appropriate……


Once done with the tour, I popped down to the Blue Willow Tea Shop, where I partook of……

And that is Gravenhurst.

There is the Opera House, for all sorts of artistic events.

A stroll along the waterfront.

A stroll by the little lake.

A wee dram at “The Albion” where the decor was late 70’s shabby, but the craic genuine.

More craic at the motel.

A very long walk to Canadian Tire which has misleading signage. The roadside sign is NOWHERE near the store. Went in to buy a headlamp bulb, burnt out enroute Richmond Hill, but luckily I always carry a spare. Found the required headlamp bulb, so once again I have a spare.

Back home for supper, and update this blog.

Which just leaves time to wish you all a goodnight.

Richard says:

For anyone who wants to see the Bethune movie:

Good flick.

biker says:

Thank you!