Friday morning, I headed out of Gravenhurst to Huntsville for a breakfast that was a big disapointment. Family Restaurant. Hmmmm. Hard eggs. Hot-dog masquerading as a “Farmer’s sausage”. But there were calories, which I needed.

The run to Wilno was pretty. My Garmin gps sent me down the wiggly-waggly way, which was even prettier. Arrived to find that the museum is shut. Only opens during summer and special events. But the buildings are there, and you can walk around. Which I did. A chat with a lady from the area. Could not explain the perogies from my last trip here. When driving the bike down to Budd’s, I passed through Wilno, and had a late lunch at the tavern. Perogies looked like a steamed pudding. Weird or what.

Just a short ride to Pembroke.
Checked in.
Made arrangements.

Saturday morning was filled with Farmer’s Market for fresh fruit n veg, Hunter’s sausage and bread. There was a cinnamon roll and tea at the bakery. Was a busy morning.

Just after noon, I arrived at Kelseys (Canadian bar) in Petawawa to meet up with Wayne. A nice lunch.
Then a personal tour of the Petawawa military museum, and a bit extra.
Met Dave. A giant of a man, in multiple ways. Served in Afghanistan.

Then back to Wayne’s garage, where he has an old “air-head“.
Into their home, where I tried a piece of Bonnie’s blueberry cake (OUTSTANDING), or two 😉
Lots of chat.
And just as I was leaving, find out that Wayne is a Leicester City supporter!!!!!!!!!!! Now what are the odds of that? 5,000 to 1? More like 15million to 4.

It was dark by the time I came home. A really nice day.

Sunday was research day.

Monday laundry day.

And there you are, all caught up.

PS: Just remember, there are only 57days until the World Cup starts on November 20th, with Qatar, the host nation, vs Equador.

PPS: Canada’s first game will be November 23rd, against Belgium.