The bike is not as young as it used to be. And in the past few years, the bike has used up coolant. ‎Not a major concern. If I keep the revs around 4,000rpm, and do not carry passengers, the bike sips away at the coolant. But always best to carry the coolant. So it is there when needed.
Last week I used up the coolant bought at Inglis, in London, Ontario, last August. I even received some “grief” in the process. Made me feel quite at home 😉
So how hard could it be to get another 1L bottle?
Not Canadian Tire. They don’t sell coolant in small quantities. I tried the stores along my routes.
So I figured, time to visit a motorcycle dealership.
I was heading to Ottawa, when psychic navigation led me to Jim’s.

Lo and behold, Jim was able to provide the same ready-to-use coolant that I purchased in London. But…….to say there was “sticker shock” is an understatement. Prices have gone up! Yikes! However, Jim cut me a deal, so I bought the bottle. Thank you Jim.
Now I can ride without worrying about loss of coolant, and the potential for the bike to overheat.

Bikers are such nice people 🙂
And yes, Jim is a biker.

biker says:

Thanks again to Jim for suggesting ‘B R Guest’ ( ) for a meal. I popped along, to find a very busy parking lot, with just enough room for one more car, and a motorcycle.
PlanA was to have breakfast.
But I am easily led.
The menu also listed, Liver&bacon, plus spaghetti&meat sauce.
Cold on the bike today, so went with the spaghetti.
Lemon meringue.
And a coffee.
All at a fair price.
Which would account for the number of people there.

biker says:

PS: This is a very small world. Met a family in Cornwall, where I was staying. One of the gentlemen provides the meat sauce for the spaghetti at B.R.Guest. And a very nice sauce it was. Small world.