Autumnal colours. Especially nicely arranged, along the Ottawa river.

Gorgeous sunsets.

Tasty poutine.

All wrapped up in a cute main street.

What’s not to like about Montebello!
Aside from the Chateau, would not let me in. hahaha.

From Montebello, you can take the ferry to Ontario.

Which I did on Saturday, and met three very nice people:
(1) Mike – a big man in every sense of the word. From super hospitable, to size 16 feet. Survived a deer jumping onto his motorcycle. Not so lucky when being hit by a bus, but back riding. Has skills and stories.
(2) Ida in the Vankleek Museum, for being tons of fun and keeping visitors on track.
(3) Queen Logan. You had to be there.

ps: had a coffee and very nice brownie, at the Broken Kettle