Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

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To one and all.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Our marker for winter being just around the corner.

Autumn colours are at their best, in Southern Ontario, over Thanksgiving. I can testify to that, having ridden some 700km along Hwy401, the Don Valley Parkway and the backroads of Ontario, this “long weekend“.

Had to send regrets to Jimmy. Saturday’s run had been chilly, even with all the layers I was wearing. Rather tiring. Doing anything in the cold, will sap one’s energy.

Sunday for an early supper with Stephen, Sarah and Raffi. Stephen and Sarah are super generous hosts. Always a good time.
Found out that Raffi dated Miss Ukraiina back in…….. lets just leave the date out of this blog.

Monday morning had breakfast with Ritchie and Brenda. Lot of chat.
Last night, at Ritchie’s parent’s, a debate erupted over trifle. Yup. Not “a trifle”, but that classic British dish, that is hundreds of years old. One side of the debate insisting that custard is not part of the layers.
I thought I knew the answer, having grown up in Britain. Having eaten trifle in multiple venues all over the UK, and even here in Canada. But, out of curiosity, had a rummage through the recipes on the Internet. There are way more variations then I thought I would find. Some, I suspect, are made as a response to traditional variations, and “push the envelope”.
So please, weigh in on the debate. Just add a comment “Custard Yes” or “Custard No”. Then we will see what the vox populi states, as to the need for custard in trifle.
And if your Thanksgiving is at a quiet spot, throw open the debate to your friends and family šŸ˜‰

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lynn says:

I suspect originally no custardā€¦..but a ā€œcustard Yesā€ preference from me! I grew up with Birds packet mix ( ā€¦other packets are availableā€¦) , strawberry jelly, powdered custard, fake cream, sprinklesā€¦.and packets know best, lol.

biker says:

Thank you !

June says:

Yes to Custard, however it is made.
My Grandmother’s cook book, “Modern Cookery”, c 1948, has recipes for various Trifles, and all include fruit, sponge, jelly, custard, cream.

biker says:

Thank you !