Another set of outstanding rides with colours that the Group of Seven would have loved.

Leaving the GTA, I started on Hwy401, but took a detour through Cobourg and Grafton. Rode back onto Hwy401 and quickly regretted that move. Traffic was choc-a-bloc. No obvious signs of an accident, just lots of vehicles all moving very slowly. Bailed on the next exit, to find myself alone on twisties, in a Lawren Harris landscape of backroads. The roads took me into Belleville. From there onto Hwy2 and Napanee.
Nice motel.
Pity the town was all closed on this Thanksgiving Monday.

Tuesday, after a nice breakfast, I headed out to an apple farm. Again twisties courtesy of Lawren Harris. But the farm was shut. Carried onto Perth. Still running on awesome roads, with a backdrop of reds, golds and hints of green.

What can I say about Perth?
Laketown Beer Co. was awesome. Note to Barry: the barmaid is a qualified welder.
Coffee and fun chat at North Folk Cafe & Gelato
Last night was a fun evening at the Studio Theatre. Two one-act plays. Both were enjoyable and clever, with my vote going to the back-story of the painting, Whistler’s Mother. Talking of which, Eastern Ontario hosts a festival of one-act plays, starting October 24th. Details are here.

This morning I headed out, and luckily filled up in Havelock. Where I spotted the Wildflower Bakery. Awesome. Well worth the drive. Had the smoked duck, then a blueberry danish. Took pretzels for “ron”. All really good. Loaves of bread looked really good, too.
All in a biker-friendly place.

Richard says:

Took the little red car out on the last warm day of the year in the back hills of Hockley Valley with colours abound.
Will be nap time for our rides soon.