Let’s Move to Lindsay

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Something about the weather. Seems sunnier in Lindsay.

Rained a lot as I rode towards Lindsay. The sun came out as I approached. Stayed dry.

When I left the next day, weather was threatening, but nice enough not to need my waterproof clothing. However, the rule is, if it looks like it could rain, wear the waterproofs. As with an umbrella, if you don’t have them, it will rain.

Swung by Myron‘s sister. Been here in Canada, way longer than me.

The rain started as I left Lindsay environs. The rain became heavy. With winds gusting from a variety of directions. Strong enough to move the bike. This weather lasted till I needed to fill up, when the sun came out. Stepped into the petrol station’s cafe for a much needed cuppa. Also had a chat with a couple of young lads riding ATV’s. Their wader-like trousers looked super-practical. As I left, the rain started again. And it was cold.

Rode over to Discovery Harbour in Penatanguishene. Closed for the season, but has special events for Halloween. Ships in the harbour.

Rode into Midland. Purchased some food at Georgian Shores Catering. Tasty, good stuff.

Rain had been coming and going. Did the same as I checked into my motel.

The next day, Midland presented a kinder face. Light drizzle now and again on my walkabout.
First stop was Uncle Roy’s – excellent wontons.
A walk to look at the harbour, as an aide for digestion.
Second stop was Royal Tea on King – proper tea and scones. And yes the clotted cream does go on first. By the way. Did you notice the pun in the name?
Enroute the motel, rain started again, so pop’d into the nearest bar for a digestive. Lo and behold, when I stepped outside, rain was gone. Sun shining. Please don’t take that as a suggestion to hit a bar every time it rains. hahaha

Today I rode out of Midland, still raining. Not a lot. But enough to intrude on the ride.

Rain let up as I found breakfast, and apples in Meaford. Which was nice of the weather gods.

At this time of the year, rain knocks the leaves off the trees. The autumnal colours are still there. But more and more trees have lost all their leaves. In other words, the colours are disappearing. The rain is putting paid to the reds and golds.

Had been cool as I rode out of Midland. Temperature dropped to 5degC for a chunk of the trip.

Am now in Owen Sound, and it is still raining.
Lindsay is a fond memory.
Let’s move to Lindsay.