Russets and a Purple Bike

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Took the bike out. Riding season is ending, so take the opportunity, given a nice day. Planned a circular route. Into the in-between places. Places between destinations.

Found some of my favourite apples at Blake’s Apple Orchard. “A mea gusto”. Seriously. If I was allowed only one kind of apple, Russets would be the one.
CAUTION: Always buy Russets from the farm. Otherwise they tend to be soft and lacking taste.

On my circuit.
I was straying off the circuit now and again.
The benefit?
Found a likely looking cafe, The Purple Bike. Went in. Found a nice place, with nice beef&barley soup and equally nice bread. Such a nice place that I managed to struggle through an espresso and a tasty butter tart 😉

Back into Goderich, to stop at the Brew Shop. No beers. They are setup to help you make beer.
Also, you can stay at the AirB&B upstairs.
Now there’s a thought. Stay 3 weeks. Two weeks to brew the beers. One week to drink them 🙂

No ready made beers, so off to East Street Cider.
They are still working on the bar interior.
They still have cans available. A pair found their way onto the bike 🙂

Somedays, the motorcycle gods are kind.

A nice day out.