End of the Year Cometh

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Owen Sound has a few waterfalls, Billy Bishop home and the Tom Thomson gallery. Downtown a neat collection of bakeries, galleries and more. Schnitzel house closed Monday & Tuesday. I toured the Billy Bishop home. Tom Thomson gallery was closed for a few days. GPS missed the waterfalls as I rode out.

Autumn colours are fading, as the leaves are stripped off the trees by the wind and the rain.

Wednesday was another cold, wet and blustery day. Temperature often at 3degC. Rain varied from a “Scottish mist” to “40 days and 40 nights”. The wind, at a few occasions, pushed the bike across the road.
After an hour, I was ready to stop.
Another 40mins later, I was really ready, but still in the midst of fields and trees.
Luckily I remembered Jean’s restaurant in Kincardine. Pulled in for much needed rest, and food (liver n bacon).

The rest of the ride into Goderich went easily. In Goderich I found…….
Good food.
Nice drink, Boneshaker IPA and East Street Cider.
Theatre, both live and movies.
But above all, nice people and good craic. Maybe a “lunatic” or two. They came in last night for today’s 50km run. Rather than the run, I took my motorcycle out for a visit of farmer’s markets, restaurants and bakery 😉

The weather has turned nice. 18degC, with blue skies, and no strong winds. LOTS of bikers out there today. Catching the last of the autumn colours.

Two more days left for me.
Then the bike is put away for winter.