The Trouble with Canada……

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……is the short motorcycle season.

Snowed on Sunday. Big fluffy flakes. Luckily the snow melted upon contact with the ground. And the flakes stopped falling in the morning.

However, today, just three days later, we have snow settling on the ground. And still more snow falling. Temperature is minus 1degC, with a forecast high of 3degC.

Not really motorcycle weather.

The trouble with Canada is the short motorcycle season 🙁

Richard says:

5 months of hibernation for us. Must be something better to do.

biker says:

The next month has the World Cup.
Then it will be Christmas and New Year.
Late January has Chinese New Year, followed by February and Valentine’s Day.
Which leads into March. Not studying, so no break. Take a vacation anyway?
Then April is Easter.

Hope this helps 🙂

Richard says:

Alas, no. Shoveling sidewalks is not a hobby of mine nor is scraping the windscreen on the car. But I do agree that once Jan 1st is here and longer daylight hours are upon us then there is hope.