After 12yrs of discussions as to the weather, the culture and footie, the 2022 World Cup kicked-off in Qatar.

Nice opening ceremony.

Not the performance the host country hoped for.
A 2-0 loss to Ecuador, is the first by a host nation.
But worse than the score was how poorly their goalie played. And the team never managed a shot on Ecuador’s goal.
This was Qatar’s “easy” game, in a group that also includes The Netherlands and Senegal (current African champions).

This is the largest sporting event in the world. Over 200 national teams started the qualification process. The final 32 are in Qatar. With the winner being determined on December 18th. Over one billion people will watch the final game.

Canada have qualified for only their second time ever.
Hopefully, Canada will improve on their first appearance, in Mexico, 1986, where they never scored a goal, lost all three of their group games, and never advanced to the knockout stage. But don’t hold your breath. They have Belgium, Croatia and Morocco in their group.
Canada did qualify for this World Cup, as top of their group, which included Mexico and the USA. Big improvement over the last 36yrs. But the one thing that has not changed since 1986, is how little interest most Canadians have in the World Cup. Ah well. Hopefully things will change for 2026, when Canada, the USA and Mexico host the next World Cup, which will expand to include 48 countries.


ps: Congratulations to the Argo’s for winning the Grey Cup, today. Unexpected. And only one point between the teams. Am happy for the Argo’s. I used to have season tickets. And was at the 100th Grey Cup when the Argo’s won, at home. Nice to see a Canadian sport, played outdoors, in November. Outdoors, in Canada, in November? Temperatures can drop to -16degC. If there was a suggestion of moving the current World Cup games to Canada, there would be no complaints about the weather in Qatar. hahaha

Richard says:

Going to be an interesting match on Wednesday as I’m married to a Belgian. Hmmm, who do I cheer for or does it matter as Canada is up against The Devils.

biker says:

Could be worse.
Canada could have a chance of winning.

So, cheer for Canada, but explain that Belgium is going to win.

Richard says:

A wise suggestion.

biker says:

Hear the Debaters on the World Cup 🙂

NOTE: This is a debate, so the focus is on winning not presenting facts.
Eg: The highest paid athlete is a soccer player, Lionel Messi, at $130,000,000USD/year. Ronaldo has to make do as #3 with only $115,000,000/year. You can see the top 50, who rake in just shy of three billion US dollars here on Forbes