Did you hear about the Clown Riot in Toronto?

Started when a firefighter knocked a clown’s hat to the ground. This was in a Toronto brothel on Front Street. All the clowns and all the firefighters joined in.

I’d like to think that the clowns fought whilst still in costume and in character 🙂

The clowns gained the upper hand, on the streets of Toronto.
This led to the firefighters going to the circus and setting it alight.
The police being Orangemen, same as the firefighters, stood by and did nothing.

This was back in 1855.
Political bias?
So when did Toronto, become Toronto the Good? – hahaha

Here is an image of the Queens Hotel on Front Street in 1855

And here is a map of Toronto in 1855, showing the city almost reaching Bloor Street

Richard says:

no map. where’s the map?

biker says:

Maybe you need WindowsXP?
But seriously.
Am using a new way of posting images. Can take a bit of time to load. There are links to the images, rather than calling the pics from the blog’s media library. Saves copyright questions. They are not my images.

biker says:

Changed the link to the old map of Toronto.

Doug says:

Sadly, this phenomenon spread from Toronto back across the Atlantic, where it took root and has subsequently gone to seed.

To this day, we are run by clowns who spend most of their time firefighting – trying to cope with the predictable consequences of their previous, comically-deranged decisions.

The police continue to stand by and do nothing – at least as far as crime is concerned. They do however actively support anything and everything likely to infuriate those whose taxes fund their salaries.

Since the rise and fall of the Donald, the term “Orangemen” has fallen into disrepute. The correct term is now “post-tanning sperm donor”.

biker says: