We went to church Sunday morning. The Ukrainian ambassador spoke for a few minutes, reminding us that in 1919 on this day, Ukraiina proclaimed it’s independence‎. Sad to think that a hundred and four years later, still fighting for freedom.

The sheets of paper we are holding up, lists the cities we are from. Our group is from all over the world.
NB:Some inks show up better than others.


The day was also the Chinese new year, year of the Rabbit. We went for su‎pper on Limassol beach. “Kung hui fat choi”.

The couple (in the restaurant photo), Slavko and Syannya, have been superb hosts. I recommend a visit!!!!‎ Food is great. And the weather a lot better than England.

ps: the weather in Toronto is better than in England. haha

Richard says:

Not for long as we are getting snow for the next few days or more. Snow shovels are ready.
Happy journeys.