Came into London late Monday, or early Tuesday.

Stayed at the VSC again. Unpacked and to bed.

Awoke late on Tuesday morning.
Caught up on emails, etc……
Caught up on laundry at the Carpenter’s Arms 😉
Back to the VSC and unpack.
Sat down and awaited the friend who convinced me to attend Los Pinguinos Rally
We had a nice chat over supper.

Wednesday up and pack.
A few errands on the VSC computers. Neither my laptop nor my phone will run the latest browsers. Which means I cannot access a few key websites 🙁
Lunch. A lamb tagine.
Victoria coach station took me to my digs.
Some 40m from the Phoenix. Which is where I met Robert and took the pic of the pint 🙂

Richard says:

Can’t quite make out the pic as it’s a bit “blurry” and no I have not had a dram, yet.