Caught up with old friends, old places, and new.

Tour of the Dockyard revealed just as much work taking place, as ever was 😉
Big surprise? How many museums they have placed in there. A decent restaurant. And several ships. The museum group includes two across the water. On the weekends there is a little boat that will take you to those Gosport museums. During the week you have to take the Gosport ferry. First ferry that I ever sailed on. A callow youth, back then. Felt as if I had gone to sea, back then. The view is still worth the trip……

Looks even better at night.

And if you need somewhere to stay, I can recommend the George Hotel. Nice place. Everything worked. Good food. Very close to the dockyard and transit terminal. Plus, how many pubs do you know with a water well in the main bar?

So it is farewell to Pompey.
And back to the VSC, in London.