Arrived on the train in the centre of Leeds.
A short walk took me to my hotel. Luckily I could take my luggage trolley all the way 😉

After returning the trolley and unpacking, a few steps took me to Tharavadu.
Outstanding curry.
Rubbish cider.
Excellent service.

Nice lentil soup and OK poori……

Chicken dosa, well it is pancake day, with the best presentation (upright)……

NB: Picture of the dosa especially fuzzy. Suspect some of the grease found it’s way to the camera lens. I was in a hurry to eat, so went with the fuzzy photo. haha.

biker says:

Can also recommend the place next door, Bundobust. Not only do they serve an excellent vegetarian set of options in curry, but also serve their own beer, a tasty mild.