All roads lead to Brum. Well. They do appear to, if you take the coach. Coach station was near my Mancunian hotel. So found an apartment close to the Brummie coach station. Good choice given the two inches of snow.

A bit of negotiation. The rental company prefers that the check-in process be 100% online. Given the age of my hardware (not a euphemism) a doubtful process. So I dropped off my luggage with security, then headed up to their office. Completed my check-in. Walked back. Less than a mile each way. And I get to see a bit of downtown Birmingham.
Security returned my luggage, and gave me the apartment key. I should have checked. They should have checked. A nice big apartment. Then ninety minutes later, two lads are knocking on my door, stating they are booked in here. Ten minutes later, security came by to explain there had been a mix-up. And checking my email, I could see they were right. Luckily I had only started my unpacking. Half an hour later I was in my new apartment. A tad smaller. But big enough for just me. Unpacked properly this time.

My next thought was for supper. Where to go? I was staying within the heart of Birmingham’s Chinatown. Found a nearby chicken and noodle place called, Dezhou Style Braised Chicken. Came home and tasted the chicken noodle soup. Nice broth. Nice home-made noodles. And outstanding chicken. Worth the drive to Brum 😉

Next challenge and opportunity was the shower. Really hot. Really, really, really hot. Hot enough to take feathers off a chicken. Management said a chap would be over during Tuesday. I was out on a walkabout. Came back. Seemed OK. Then found that once it was running for a minute or so, became just as hot as before. Another chap came along on Wednesday, and I stayed around. This time it was fixed properly. I now could take a proper shower.

My walk-abouts through Brum showed a city with some good bones, messed up by planners, IMHO.
They are still redesigning Brum.
Hurry up and visit before all the good bits are gone.

The Bull-ring and railway station complex is a classic, confusing place for a newcomer. And it was designed that way.
Want an example? The main railway station entrance has some 50+ steps. Try that with luggage. There is a lift around the corner. Just no signage. How is a newcomer to know?
However, lessons learned through my travels. Always checkout any place you will use for travel. Really good idea this time. Took me over an hour to understand the railway station.

Needed sustenance after the recce. Found decent refreshment at the Anchor pub, close to the coach station 😉

Then Monday, catch my train to Leicester.