Another nice stay in London.
Barry came up to spend Easter.
Part of it at the Ukrainian Club. Where they are still accepting donations, and helping refugees.

We stayed at our club, the VSC. Where aside from the lovely staff, there are tons of interesting folk eg:Simon, ex-Green Jackets eg:Queen Caroline from New Zealand. Conversation is never dull. Not even with the Belgians 😉

Then all too soon, was time to come home.

My thanks to Air Canada for another smooth flight.
And thanks to Michelle for waiting up to let me into my other home 🙂

And now that I am back?
It all seems like a dream.
Christmas. New Year’s Eve. Cyprus. Portsmouth Dockyard. Pints of snakebite. Real black pudding. Pork pies. The Lake District. Museums. Real pubs.
Luckily I can still call friends & family in the UK (and bits of Europe) for 30mins, each and every day. Therefore, they do not seem far away, and long ago.

June says:

Wherever You hang your hat . . .
Memories mean more than possessions.

Always good to see You.
Keep in touch.

biker says:

Be in touch more, now that Leicester will be playing Middlesborough next season !

Always good to see you too 🙂

June says:

Ha ha! Football? ⚽️
It ain’t over till it’s over!
(And it’s Middlesbrough, Graham goes nuts when it’s misspelled!)

biker says:

Too late now.
Always an extra ‘o’

ps: wanna bet a cuppa tea on Leicester staying up?

June says:

Earl Grey, no sugar.
Sweet enough.

biker says:

Guess I owe a cuppa, as Leicester are relegated.
Or is it the other way around?

PS: Will I have to have a barny with Graham when City play Boro?