Hard to say that in Perth, Scotland. My first visit, albeit in winter for the skiing, gave the impression of grey followed by dark grey, followed by darker grey. No wonder whisky was required. hahahaha

Back in Ontario.
Was a lucky ride to Perth.
Took the highways, which meant that somehow I missed the rain.
Shell 93octane seemed ethanol free. The motorcycle ran as in the good old days, and as far.

Perth seems much the same as before.
A river runs through it. The Tay. Giving rise to parks and a historic downtown. Where there is a replica of the big, nay mammoth cheese. NB: Bigger than the one in Ingersoll

Pricing for the motel though has gone up substantially since last year.
As for drinks, 16oz pints are $7 – yikes. Same as a J-D – yikes.
But there is still real food at 1 Sherborne St. E., in the old Browns shoe factory.

Am still dreaming of the Canadian Forces Mk3 leather combat boots that Browns used to produce. I found a pair to fit my feet.
Not perfect. The soles on the boots were tough. Good news, you did not feel sharp rocks. Bad news, the soles were so hard that their ability to grip wet surfaces were as good as their ability to absorb shock, non-existent. The answer to the shock absorbtion, was to wear two insoles 😉
Apparently all boots that followed were worse, as per Canadian veteran’s comments in their Legion magazine
NOTE: Boots should fit when new. If they do not, then try another pair. If you are desperate, and they are leather, soak the boots in water. Overnight if you can, to make sure they are wet all the way through. Then put them on your feet, and wear until dry. Wet leather will stretch. As the leather dries, it will form perfectly to your feet.

And with that bit of advice. I need to move on.
It is Friday morning, and I need to find breakfast before riding onto Ottawa.


ps: So here is the bike all ready to go ……

……only to ride as far as Penny’s Place for breakfast of hash-browns…..