Brockville to Cobourg

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Managed to squeeze in a supper at The Noshery 🙂 🙂 🙂

The next day up and run the 1,000 Islands Parkway. Done this before. Still a nice ride. And close to the water, cooler than on Hwy401.

A stop at the Military Communications Museum was a good excuse to get out of the heat. I’d been here before. But as always, you see something new.

Then I ran Hwy401. Temperature was 35decC or slightly higher. Manageable if the bike is moving. But when traffic draws to a halt, sitting on top of baking ashphalt, surrounded by trucks and SUV’s, is a recipe for heat-stroke. Not recommended on a motorcycle. Luckily the tail-back lasted only a couple of kilometres.
If this had been France, the vehicles would have parted, to allow motorcycles to run the white line.
All other countries allow motorcycles to run the white lines, but some of the car drivers are grumpy, and block the motorcycle lane. How sad is that person!!! If you see a motorist blocking a motorcycle, get close, and tell them you are there for them. They need your help and support. They are “birds with broken wings”. Which we all are. However, their wings, and self-respect, are smashed beyond help, or so they think. Poor motorists. If only they had a motorcycle………

The rest of the run into Cobourg was straightforward. Only when I stopped, to enter the Grafton Village Inn’s cafe did I realise how burnt-out my body was. I fell up the stairs. Yup. That was lucky. I caught the edge of the sole of my boot on a wooden step, and down I went. Just an indicator that stopping for a cup of tea was the right thing to do. 35degC weather is hard work on a motorcycle.
The staff at Grafton Inn were super nice. I did not know that they close at 2pm, which is when I arrived. The mug of EarlGrey and a very tasty lemon muffin had me back on the road, feeling as Popeye did after spinach 😉

Why Cobourg?
Paul lives there. Well. A couple of minutes north.

In the photo, Paul is the one on my right.
Can’t spot me?

Beers n supper followed.
I now know a pukka private investigator (PI) ! Don’t panic. He is retired. Doing carpentry, and a few driving jobs.

The following morning, I was up early, to a pancake breakfast, Tai Chi, and laundry (this hot weather plays havoc with one’s clothing).

Then a ride via back-roads to Wasaga Beach.
Sunny weather and highways, anywhere within a 150km of Toronto, is a recipe for disaster. Think bank holiday Mondays in the UK, but with a lot more traffic.

PS: The really sad note about the ride, was the ethanol. Back to 150km on a half-tank of gasoline. The 93octane helps, but hard to find. And some of the pumps still display “no ethanol” on the 91octane. IMHO those notices should be removed. The bike runs as if there is 10% ethanol in that fuel. 🙁