Be a Tourist in Your Own……

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……neighbourhood 🙂

Get out and about your neighbourhood. Use the streets less travelled.
Look at what there is. What’s new. What’s gone. And what’s coming.

Visit the sights.
Try a new cafe/bar/restaurant.
Sip a drink of your choice

Take a look at the tourist attractions.
Could be that city-centre you last visited many years ago.
And/or a museum that you last visited as a kid.
Last but not least, my personal favourite, independent food shops 🙂 🙂 🙂

You will be pleasantly surprised.
There is always something new to discover.

For those of us in Ontario, today is a civic holiday.

So enjoy today! Give yourself permission to go out and have fun 🙂 It is “Be a Tourist in your own Neighbourhood Day”.

And don’t drink the Heineken, or their other beers: Affligem; Amstel; Bažant; Birra Moretti; Cruzcampo; Fosters (in Europe & Vietnam); Laško; Sagres; Skopsko; Starobrno; Zagorka; Zlatý; and Żywiec.

Richard says:

I was a “tourist” in my neighbourhood yesterday. Went to get some meat from a portuguese butcher for a bbq. Slow and low pork shoulder. 4 hours later and it melted in my mouth. Then a relaxing time on the porch to greet the neighbours and tourists.
Great day!

biker says:

Sounds perfect 🙂