Happy Independence Day?

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Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991Aug24. That is 32yrs ago.
How is independence working out?

In 2014, Russia invades Crimea and starts a proxy war in the eastern part of Ukraine.
Then in 2022, Russia attempted a full-blown invasion, which failed. However, in the on-going war, Russia has occupied ~20% of Ukraine, in the east and south-east.

Russia agreed to Ukraine’s 1991 borders, multiple times. First as part of the Soviet Union. Then in 1991 with the declaration of independence. Then in 1994 with the Budapest Memorandum, when Ukraine, the 3rd largest nuclear power in the world, gave up it’s nuclear weapons.
Russia also acknowledged the borders when the Black Sea Fleet was split between the two countries, and again when Ukraine extended Russia’s lease of Sebastapol, it’s only warm-water port, in 2010.

Despite Russia reneging on it’s multiple commitments, and starting an unprovoked war, Ukraine is still sovereign. Still fighting. And still standing.

You can celebrate Ukraine’s continuing independence, across Canada by visiting an event close to you.
NB:The list is organised by Province, then by City.

If you cannot make an event, then read/listen to President Zelenskyy.

NOTE: You can help Ukraine by donating humanitarian aid via the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress.


ADDENDUM: Heineken announced the sale of some of it’s business. Arnest, a Russian canning/cosmetics company, benefits from this one-Euro acquisition. One Euro is more than Carlsberg received for their business.

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Slava Ukrayini

Khay zhyve Ukrayina