Leicester and the Barrow Kipper

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From Melton, just a 17min train journey to Leicester. Alighted. Grabbed a cab. Straight to the home of my favourite team, Leicester City. Signed up for membership, and found a ticket, behind “home” goal.
From there a short walk to my hotel.

That Friday night, off to meet Roman at the Ukrainian church. Well. The bar, behind the church 😉


On Saturday, we met outside the stadium. A brief chat, with Roman and his “two wives”. Then inside to watch the game. You can read the match report here. Leicester didn’t really try until Vardy came on. The outpouring of approval/support for Vardy as he ran onto the pitch was OUTSTANDING !!! Not only did he raise the effort from the whole team. He also scored, a typical Vardy goal. Pity Middlesbrough had scored two goals in the first half. My seat was behind “home” goal. Consequently I saw all three goals in vivid, proximity. Mind. One of Boro’s goals did look offside to me, and the rest of the Leicester supporters.
The rain started as we left the stadium. Seemed appropriate.

That evening I had some sushi, then a mini pub-crawl. The Blue Boar was my start point, with a couple more real ales, en-route home.


On Sunday, Paul came around and picked me up. We visited with his Mum, then off to Everards brewery for lunch. Sad to see sparklers in use at a brewery. But the barman happily removed the sparkler, and I had a decent pint.
Lunch done, back to visit with Mum.
Then Paul took me home.

I took a stroll to Filbert Street in the evening. Been a while since I came by here. First time, I was wearing short-pants. The stadium is all gone. Ground is now a flat area, mainly used as a car-park.

On the way home, stopped for a nice curry at Teli’s Spicy restaurant. Great chat, sat at the “family” table. And a free chai 🙂


Monday is a day for planning.

That done, lunch was very pleasant spaghetti&meatballs at Roma’s a tiny two-storey cafe. There is tiramisu available. I took a stroll to the clock-tower, market and more, but I could only manage an espresso upon my return.

On my way home, I made sure to stop at the museum. I had passed this once already, checking out the route to the railway station for tomorrow. Returned to have a look inside.
Nicest part of the museum/gallery? Seeing the “Barrow kipper” 🙂 🙂 🙂