Place of the most famous outlaw ever! Robin Hood. Here I am by his statue……

If you head just north of the central square in Nottingham, you will find a statue to the other legend, Brian Clough.

The bad news.
Old boy scouts could not meet up. One is recovering from an operation. The other has to take care of his aging brother. They are all well past 28yrs old. To re-iterate, “Old age, is not for wimps”.

The good news.
Nice people in Nottingham 🙂 Helped me fix my suitcase carrier. Gave me free beer at Lillie Langtry’s pub.
Brilliant chat with a group including a geography/archeology chap, and an Iraqi physicist, at the Jerusalem pub.
Outstanding supper at Nan Tei….. 🙂

Been a nice few days.
Sparklers everywhere, but removed on request.
Heading out on Friday.


ps: Here is Mark Steel’s take on Nottingham. And yes, I have stood by the left-lion 🙂