Ukrainian Weekend in Manchester

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A train took me to Manchester on Friday.

A bit of a walk to my hotel. Where I unpacked, and organized a stroll to the Ukrainian Club. A bit of a recce. They will be showing a movie, tomorrow. Best to know how to get there and back.
I had ping’d Ivan, another friend from boy scout days. And we arranged to meet, at the club, before the movie.


Saturday morning I awoke to a call from Ivan, telling me that a march for Ukraine was being organized today at Piccadilly Gardens. So I changed my plans and headed out.

Lots of people marched. I was guarding the purses n more, till the march returned to Piccadilly Gardens.

Following the speeches, Ivan and I made it to the Club, just in time for the movie’s cultural introduction of poems, songs and dance.
Part of the Russian invasion is all about culture. So important to remind Russia and the world, that Ukrainian culture is alive and well.

ANTYTILA a famous Ukrainian band, have volunteered as part-timers for the infantry medical support teams since 2014. And full-time since 2022. The movie was a look at their lives today. A nice documentary.

To echo the host’s comments, may this be the last such anniversary.
Would be nice if this time next year, Ukraine has regained all the territory occupied by Russia. And all the troops and people, especially the children, are home.


Up on a sunny Sunday morning.

Caught the bus to church for a really engaging service. Priests had all the kids involved. At the end we were all blessed, well, my overcoat for sure.

After the service, Ivan came along and picked me up, and took me to Bolton.
We parked at the Ukrainian Club, then took the short walk to Bolton’s parish church……

…… an outstanding building, in very good repair. My particular “nice one” were the heating ducts that run along the floor, just in the perfect spot to warm your feet. Every church should have these 🙂

This church was a venue to a concert for Ukraine. Acting as a reminder that Ukraine needs ongoing support, and as a “thank you” for the support, of every form, to date.
Entry was free. Lots of people.
Of the performers, Mariia Petrovska was my favourite. Nice voice. Played the bandura well. And included a song from a famous Canadian, Leonard Cohen.


So a very Ukrainian weekend.
Sla-va Ukra-ii-ni !

Thank you for your support todate.
And please, do continue your support.