Revisited πŸ™‚

This part of the trip was to Aria Force waterfall

Thence to Kirkstone Pass. Those who need roads wider than the car, need to avoid this road. In fact. Avoid most of the Lake District ! Tiny roads. Lots of twisties. Lots of ups and down. Often all three. Add in oncoming traffic, and it can become more like a fairground ride, then a drive in a car.

The view was even better at Honister Pass. Looked quite nice until you reach the high point, where there are shops n cafes. The view from the top, as you transition into the downward road, is AWESOME.

I would have stopped, and taken more photos, but was on a mission to pickup some Barley Wine from Strands Brewery.
Last time here was in 2018 – on my motorcycle.
Though with today’s weather, I was glad to be in a car. Cold, wet and hard roads build character. So much easier in a metal box, with comfy seats and heating.

Lakes are still pretty.
Pretty awesome πŸ™‚

Stephen says:

If you had continued walking up that hill along the river bank to the bridge – you would have found β€œcafe sky top” they serve great tea scones and even fish and chips after noon. You are not far from Keswick- the real one not the one in Ontario.

biker says:

Will do that next time πŸ˜‰