Sunnier Day in the Lakes

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Yes. The sun came out today.

Almost made me feel bad to go inside the Lakeland Motor Museum. But there was a bit of a chill in the air.
The museum houses quite the eclectic mix. Most in pristine condition. Setup as if they are in use. If it ran on the road, and had mechanical components, you will probably find a version here.
My favourite? The Ford Consul Classic. I purchased one in Portsmouth, a very long time ago via a third party, for not a lot. If you have scotch and an hour, I had an adventure or two with the Classic.
Popped into the on-site cafe, for a double espresso & a scoup of vanilla ice-cream in a cup. Pretty sure one of the servers read my mind. Asked if I was going to make an affogato. I was impressed. Still. Burn the witch?
On-site, there is a smaller building with a Donald Campbell tribute. Housing models or actual cars owned by Sir Donald. There is alo a list of the generations involved in setting speed records.
Talking of speed. If you saw a steam car, how fast do you think it would travel? 50mph? 100mph? Try 148.3mph (239kph) !!! The car is called ‘Inspiration’, and in the year 2009, was driven by Don Wales, grandson of Campbell. So speed is in the family.

My next stop was Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel/pub.
The last five miles were littered with walkers, parked cars, and the biggest tractor I have enountered in any country. The road was barely enough for the tractor. Which is why the Range Rover reversed past me, and the two cyclists. “No need to panic Mr Mainwearing!”
Here is proof that I arrived safely and ate a ham sandwich……

I drove home. Did some walking around Windermere itself. Then back via a pub or two. Settled in my room. It too has a decent view……


And I must give a big “ThankYou” to Len, who provided a long list of things to do in the Lakes. Last year when I came up to the Lakes, I stayed up at Len’s place. It’s a nice place. Two beds. All mod cons. A few miles south of Windermere. And available for rent 🙂