Came for the memories.
Stayed for the fixing.

A lock fell out, of a tab on my suitcase. Ancient model. Samsonite FAQs and community did not offer much in the way of help for this model. In hope, I went to Alexander locksmith’s, who fixed the lock 🙂 🙂 🙂
A wizard !

I found a real hardware shop. Bought a real screwdriver that enable me to swap the battery in my watch, for one that worked.

And some darning. Not sure anyone darns these days. But this will tide me over until I am back in Canada.

On Saturday I had time to find that tabir is still there and looking good.

Can see they replaced the roof that i fell off so many years ago.

And whilst the pubs in Llysfaen are gone, Conwy brewery is there. The last time I was here, in 2018, all I could do was pickup some beers. Which I then passed.
Here are directions from the bus stop……

I’d taken the bus to Llysfaen. And the plan was to catch a bus back.
But I decided to walk home.
Well. It was downhill. And there were a few likely places enroute.
I did find a pint of real Bass 🙂
And lots of fresh air 🙂

ps: a shout-out to Black Cloak, conviniently located close to where I was staying