What Goes On in Southport…….

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……stays in Southport. hahaha

The trip out of Colwyn Bay was via train. The station being a short walk from the hotel. And the frequent trains ran every 15mins to Liverpool. VERY helpful chap at Liverpool railway station, who not only explained how to change platforms, but a few minutes later, swung by to make sure I had found the right platform. People are nicer up norf 🙂

Once in Southport, I found my hotel. I had caught an earlier train, so arrived too soon for check-in. But they stored my luggage, and I found a really nice lunch at Andy’s Snack Bar. Meat pie, mushy peas and real chips for £6:50 all tasty and fresh. Included a mug of tea, and a custard tart. What a deal. Nice chat too.
Lunch taken care of, killed a bit more time via a Wetherspoon’s pub 😉

Checked in.
The kind staff changed rooms for me. No phone reception on the second floor. I kid you not. After a walkabout, found that the phone only worked on the sixth, their top floor. Staff were great at moving me.

Stu&Vini live in Birkdale, which is a short walk away. I called to let them know I was around. Their boys are coming up on the weekend, for their 40th. We had supper and beers.

Aside from the beach and theatre, a big shout-out to Tap&Bottles for being an excellent micro-pub. Seriously good beer and proper chat. No TV. No machines. And it is OK to stand at the bar.
Another shout out to the Windmill, with decent beer and sunday roast.
And the Mason Arms, that serves real ale, with a notice on the door “No Children Allowed”. One for Barry 🙂

But not all fun, fun, fun.

Chimed in to help politicians in Canada get to 2% of GDP for the defence budget. It’s almost as if they don’t realise there is a border with Russia.
Now, in the past, my project budgets have been as large as a quarter of a million dollars to spend, each month. Not as easy as you may think. So I am not expecting Canada to jump from 1.29% immediately. But I shall be following up.
Meanwhile, Russia has reverted to it’s usual procedure of vast quantities of munitions to gain a little territory. Ukraine’s ammunition is low, as the USA is still lost in space with their aid. Remember, the USA’s military is bigger than the next ten countries, which includes Russia and China, so they are the largest provider of munitions and more. They just need to get back on track of sending that support.
While Canada cannot plug the gap, we need to do more.

Talking of the government, it is time to prepare my tax reporting. A necessary evil every year. And takes a bit of time. More because it’s best done with “soak time”, taking time to reflect. Even with my checklist there are always some changes.

Then on Monday, catch the bus to Preston.
Why Preston? Am thinking of heading further north, and those trains run from Preston. Plus, I have never been to Preston.
It was a pleasant, one hour, £2.00 trip to Preston.