Come for the trains, stay for the pies 🙂

Preston is a railway hub, nearest to Southport, with excellent connections, both North and South. The plan was to sit here for two days, then move on.

I found Paul. Paul’s Pies are fresh baked every day, and nearby the flat I was staying in.

Dvino wine merchant is next door. Seriously nice owner, who is learning Spanish, and hosts excellent wine tasting events.

Preston also has the Ribble, parks and handy shops just a few steps away.

Nice having a flat for a while. Laundry facilities. And being in one spot for a week enables me to prepare the docs for my taxes.

Plan A to head north is kaput. I have spent my time getting caught up.
Plan B? Heading south to the VSC for Easter.

Summary: Preston, much nicer than expected.

ps: nice to see someone in the railway business has a sense of humour……

Richard says:

Hahaha. Guess some cars were lost in transit.

biker says:

Car ‘G’ was to the right of car ‘U’ 🙂